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Our clients vary from Fortune 500 multinationals to SMEs.


Our hugely diverse list includes clients based in media, financial services and the public sector.

What you want

To be honest, how big you are or what line of business you are only matters up to a point. Every organisation wants to minimise cost while maximising service to travellers and streamlining processes - but how you go about achieving that is different every time. We pride ourselves on digging deep to understand your corporate culture and then help align your travel programme precisely to your organisation’s key strategic goals.

Case studies and client references

We cannot disclose detailed case-studies on this public website because of our close and confidential relationships with our clients. However, we are more than happy to supply you on request with a detailed case-study specific to your travel project and relevant to your industry sector, subject, of course, to client permission. In addition, we can provide substantial client references should you wish to engage Sirius.