travel sourcing

We have extensive consulting experience in every aspect of travel procurement.

Examples include:

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Today's people

We also provide outsourced travel management for numerous clients, so we are out there running travel programmes like yours right now. That helps our consultancy work too, because the expertise we offer is based on today’s experiences, not yesterday's.

Supplier RFIs/RFPs

Your challenge

  • Lack of travel category expertise to produce effective tender documents
  • Knowing the right questions to ask?
  • Knowing the relevant data to give suppliers?
  • Avoiding receiving too much or too little information in return?

The Sirius solution

  • Extensive expertise gained from handling hundreds of travel-specific RFIs and RFPs
  • Experience covers every aspect of corporate travel, including TMCs, airlines, hotels, ground transportation, booking tools and corporate cards
  • Carefully designed and formatted tender documents to address, individual requirements, culture and branding