why sirius?


Sirius founder Tom Stone has worked in corporate travel since 1985. The CVs of Tom and his associates include managing travel programmes for blue chip organisations and senior positions with travel management companies and suppliers.


Travel is a complex sourcing category, requiring specific product knowledge and process skills that cannot be mastered overnight. Whether it’s pricing a TMC contract or introducing an expense management system, Sirius has been there and done it - many times.

Sourcing and ongoing management

It's one thing sourcing a supplier or TMC contract, it's another thing to manage it. Sirius is experienced in the entire life-cycle of corporate travel, from procurement through implementation to relationship management with both suppliers and internal stakeholders.

People management

Travel is the most emotive sourcing category in most organisations. That shouldn't matter, but it does. Why? Because the biggest savings in travel are gained not through how you manage your suppliers but how you manage your travellers. Sirius is renowned as an industry leader in stakeholder communication, cross-functional team leadership and change management.


Sirius is an independent company which does not accept consulting work for anyone other than corporate clients. It is guaranteed to act solely in your interests.